Tuesday, December 22, 2015


                          PART  I
My wings were killing me. They felt like their were needles pricking at it. My flames were burning low and I turned to see the sunset of pink and red and orange mixing with the clouds. I had to fly home before the my flames burned out and the moon rises. My tree was not far away if I pushed my flames feeding of the shining light of the sun. I could see maman waiting at the hole her burnt brown eyes finally meeting mine. My eyes grew wide and scared while she shot daggers at me.
"Were in the Roku were you. The sun goes down soon and if your flame would of ran out and the moon cats would of eaten you!" she yelled.
"Come on Maman, I was perfectly fine. It was just a mid-day fly. I did not mean for it to go to long."
She rolled her eyes and flew her nest. I turned my head and saw the silver crescent moon illuminating white light. I looked down and saw a big sliver and white beast staring with big light blue eyes looking at my soul.

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